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The Camargue oyster is cultivated in the Anse de Carteau, a semi-lagoon environment. This site, which was generally devoted to cultivating mussels since the 1980s, received an authorisation to produce oysters after an insane gamble and four years of evaluation and reflection. The first production appeared in October 2016.

The objective is to sell 1 500 tons of Camargue oysters per year, the equivalent of 10% of regional production and 1% of national production. This new “Made in Mediterranean” shellfish will complement the production that already comes from the Etang de Thau in Languedoc-Roussillon.

The suspended cultivation technique is the same as the one we use in the Bassin de Thau.

This technique consists of cementing the oysters onto a string one by one to obtain an oyster that is regular in shape and with a higher level of meat.

The Camargue oyster enjoys a privileged environment and matures in a natural setting in the protected area of the Camargue Natural Regional park whose waters are cradled by the Mistral winds. Fresh water infiltrations act as a natural filter and this forms an ecosystem that encourages plankton; the water has exceptional nutritional quality and all of this allows the Camargue oyster to develop rapidly.

The Camargue oyster is particular in its shape; it has a tendency to become more rounded and domed.

It takes on all of the characteristics of a pool, which gives it its flavour.

The Camargue oyster is a high end product due to the good conditions for cultivation in a natural unspoilt area that is sheltered from any risk of pollution.

It is a flat oyster, with just the right amount of iodine, fleshy without being fatty, and with a burst of delicate hazelnut flavour in the mouth.