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12 24 48 70
Since 2010 our company has been offering a new range of oyster cultivated in the former salt marshes named La Spéciale de l’île St Martin. This oyster benefits from a specific cultivation and maturation method that is unique in the Mediterranean. This cultivation method is your guarantee of authentic, healthy products with consistent quality.
Nothing is left to chance; the water is taken from the sea 170 metres off the coast and daily quality control is performed. Our beds are dammed and enclosed by a canal that preserves our oysters from any external pollution.

The maturation technique for the Spéciale oyster consists of reproducing the effect of the tide. This effect can be reproduced at will thanks to complete mastery over the water flow. This phenomenon also means that the oysters have better out-of-water resistance. The maturation technique does not stop there. The strong gusts of wind that often blow over the salt marshes mean that water is constantly washing over the oysters, which leads to an oyster that has an appearance and taste that are superior to a traditional fine oyster. It stands out particularly by the regular shape of the shell that has a more pronounced concavity than is usual, predicting a high volume of meat within. The level of meat on these oysters can reach 17%, indicating to the consumer the guarantee of enjoying a fleshier, crisper oyster.